Food Security and Agricultural Enterprise Development

The Siyazisiza Trust places people at the centre of their development process and ensures their active involvement and leadership in interventions. Our approach strengthens the capacity of local communities to analyse their livelihood systems, identify their main constraints and test possible solutions. By merging their own traditional knowledge with external information, farmers can eventually identify and adopt the practices and technologies most suitable to their livelihood system and needs to become more productive, profitable and responsive to changing conditions.

We adopt a holistic approach towards improving food security and rural livelihoods ensuring that – beyond food production – nutritional awareness, coping with climate change, and entrepreneurial and marketing skills are core components of the learning process.

In summary, we provide our beneficiaries with the following services:

  1. Training and education,

  2. Infrastructure grants and loans,

  3. Market facilitation,

  4. Distribution of inputs and produce.

Craft Enterprise Development

As part of our new model, The Trust’s craft development approach is now centred on the establishment of secondary marketing business entities which will each serve geographically selected crafters producers, living in the most remote of rural areas, with limited, if any, access to markets.

The Trust’s role as intermediary between rural crafters and the market is systematically being transferred to these secondary marketing businesses which are receiving support and mentorship from the Trust and its associate service delivery partners.

Secondary marketing business members receive training, mentoring and support in the following areas:

  • Basic business and financial management training

  • Advanced business training: Management and leadership

  • QuickBooks Accounting training

  • Sales and Marketing training

  • Linking businesses to markets and facilitating relationships with existing clients

  • Production management and quality control

  • Business registration

  • Branding and registration of intellectual property rights

Craft Enterprise Development (continue)

Rural craft producers are business entities in their own right – supplying products to secondary entities and being paid by them. The Siyazisiza Trust and its associated service delivery partners support rural crafters and provide training and mentoring in the following areas:

  • Business & financial skills training (opening and managing of bank accounts, record keeping etc.)

  • Establishment of committees and co-operatives if required (the latter is facilitated by a co-operatives expert)

  • Technical training on new products developed

  • Pricing and fair trade:

In assisting the rural crafters to develop entrepreneurial skills, pricing is constantly discussed. The Siyazisiza Trust’s mentors works closely with all the crafters when prices are negotiated and reviewed annually.

  • Product development:

New products designs are generally based on, but not confined to, traditional skills and artifacts, and are developed annually. Product development is market-driven and in this regard, consultations are held with selected buyers with the view of understanding their requirements.

  • Environmental awareness

The Siyazisiza Trust endeavours to be as environmentally responsible as possible in all of our activities and a number of initiatives have been implemented since our establishment.