Promoting Food Sovereignty

We are a non-profit rural development organisation that works with smallholder community farmers and agricultural enterprises in South Africa to improve their livelihoods, food security, and environment. We partner with the government and the private sector to find effective ways to fight poverty, food insecurity, and opportunities to diversify rural household livelihood strategies. To realize the vision of resilient, healthy, and self-sustaining rural farmer communities existing within localized economies, in stewardship with the environment.

Market Driven

We open up access to markets and ensure that our small-holder farmers and their agri-enterprises have the pre-requisite capacity and resources to profitably supply their buyers.


We strengthen social networks and trust, and promote increased collaboration to enable small-holder farmers to perform collectively and effectively to realise mutual benefits.


We promote and enable the continued existence of well-functioning ecosystems whose services continue to support the productivity of present and future small-holder farmers. 

B-BBEE Level 1 Certified

As an organisation committed to socio-economic redress in South Africa, the Siyazisiza Trust is a proud B-BBEE Level 1 contributor. 

We are constantly seeking to identify potential partnerships and to collaborate with like-minded individuals and organisations to find effective ways to maximize our vision and contribute to sustainable impact in rural small-holder farmer communities.

Agriseta Accredited

Siyazisiza Trust is Agri-SETA accredited for Plant Production (Level 1 & 2) and Horticulture (Level 1). 

This means that our smallholder farmers  benefit from quality training and mentoring through our programmes and interventions, as recognized by South Africa’s Agriculture Sector Education Training Authority (Agri-SETA).

Accreditation No.: 1428

In the Field

Where We Work

Siyazisiza Trust currently operates in Kwazulu-Natal, Mpumalanga and the
Eastern Cape, providing support to 67 agricultural enterprises and over 3,000 indirect beneficiaries.

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Thank you to our donors and partners

We acknowledge with very sincere thanks, the support, interest and encouragement from our donors, partners and strategic
collaborations, who contribute to the realisation of rural empowerment through localised economies (community based efforts).