jobfundAn application to the Jobs Fund for a Craft Development Programme was approved and a contract signed with the Jobs Fund in 2014.

The objective of the initiative is to improve the wellbeing of 280 crafters (primarily rural women) and secondary business entity owner/managers through job creation and increased income opportunities. The fundamental intention is to link rural crafters to markets through primary co-operatives and five secondary business entities. Products developed are market –driven.

The total project cost is R15 965 000 of which R5 016 000 has been committed by the Siyazisiza Trust’s own resources through Tigers Eye’s support. The total number of permanent jobs to be created is 300 (in this case self-employment and not jobs in the formal sense).

Our Craft Development Programme, funded by the Jobs Fund and Tigers Eye, was and remains central to our craft development activities

During the period under review:

  • Five secondary marketing entities were registered with the CIPC;
  • Logos and branding material were developed and finalized for the secondary entities;
  • Members received and will continue to receive financial and marketing training and mentoring;
  • New products were developed and technical training provided to crafters in Mpumalanga and KwaZulu-Natal;
  • Marketing and consultation with buyers is an ongoing activity;
  • Documentation of lessons learned and an independent evaluation of the project were completed;
  • Not without some challenges, orders received were generally successfully delivered by the relevant secondary marketing businesses in partnership with their specific crafters.


Financial Training and Mentoring

Financial training and mentoring is being delivered by Gill Worby. All secondary businesses

were provided with a laptop/desktop and the Quickbooks accounting package.

  • The Quickbooks Accounting training and general accounting mentoring takes place at the
  • respective Marketing Business’ offices once a month to capture all income and expenditure data
  • and to reconcile the bank accounts. The training is now being expanded to include the broader capabilities and functions of the accounting package;
  • Training via TeamViewer and/or telephone continues;
  • All fixed assets have been uploaded to the relevant businesses’ accounts;
  • Business owners are now able to produce monthly Profit and Loss reports and various sales reports;

  • Invoices are being created by the businesses themselves, with guidance, as and when orders are received and are being sent directly to the clients;

  • All five businesses have now opened Money Market bank accounts in addition to their current accounts in order to obtain maximum interest on their funds until required.

    The secondary marketing businesses are:

  • Zenta Marketing (Mpumalanga East)

  • Isimilo Creations (Mpumalanga West)

  • Ma Tombi Women in Craft (KZN Mkuze)

  • Lusha Marketing (KZN Eshowe

  • Ooh Khamba (KZN Midlands