The members of the Senzokwethu vegetable garden situated in Shiyane, Rorke’s Drift, gives new meaning to the phrase “Where there is a will there is a way”!

Not only have the members of this garden had to deal with an infestation of rabbits which destroyed the majority of their crops but, like so many of our other micro-farms, they also suffered the effects of the drought as the garden’s main water source has now completely dried up.   Still not deterred, they approached the principal of the neighbouring primary school who kindly agreed that they could draw water from the school borehole to irrigate their garden.  They also discovered that throwing rabbit droppings inbetween the crops hinders the rabbits from eating the vegetables.

Even though it takes them much longer to irrigate the garden and while they have not completely eradicated the rabbit issue, the farmers are positive and are extremely happy to still have a garden.  As Mrs. Christina Mkhize says:  “A woman should never come home with empty hands and this garden ensures that we never go hungry”. #InspirationalWomen’sMonth.