The Siyazisiza Trust is delighted to announce the appointment of Sinegugu Zukulu as a Trustee.

Sinegugu Zukulu is a dynamic, inspiring and deeply committed educator, social and environmental activist and professional environmental manager.  He was born on the Pondoland Wild Coast, a place of deep significance in his life.  He spearheaded the fight for the protection of the Xolobeni dunes on the Wild Coast against an Australian giant titanium mining company and also vigorously opposes the proposed N2 toll road.  He was also instrumental in linking GET with the Somkhele communities affected by mining and is a champion for the rights of rural communities affected by mining.  These are on-going battles that he somehow manages in-between an incredibly pressured workload.

Sinegugu is currently Programme Manager for uMzimvubu Landscape for Conservation South Africa, managing the protection of an extensive mountain catchment with the assistance of rural communities and other role players in the Transkei.  

Sinegugu began his career as an innovative geography teacher at Kearsney College and as a leadership trainer with the Department of Education.  He has two degrees: BA Ed (Geography and Education) and a Master of Philosophy in Environmental Management.  He has held management positions with the South African National Botanical Institute, Endangered Wildlife Trust, Sustaining the Wild Coast (SWC) and Indalo Yethu Trust, when he coordinated the Climate Train for COP17.  He has also appeared in many television shows including Shoreline, Carte Blanche, 50/50 and a series of films on YouTube advocating against environmental degradation.

Sinegugu believes that cultural ecotourism is an essential tool to boost job creation within rural communities as it performs an important role of passing down valuable indigenous knowledge to the younger generation who would otherwise lose their connections with their rich traditions.  Sinegugu has authored more than ten books of which the latest is the Medicinal and Charm plants of Pondoland. He was nominated one of the top seven 2015 South African Conservationist of the year