The Siyazisiza Trust’s overall objective is to promote enterprise development, currently in food and craft production, in rural areas. Our approach to project implementation has been modified over the years to focus on asset-based community development rather than being needs-driven.

Recognising that the communities which we assist are some of the most vulnerable and marginalized in South Africa, the Trust provides start-up equipment for agricultural food production and also offers training, mentoring and assistance in access to markets to project participants of both food and craft enterprise development initiatives.

In 2012 the Trust developed a new model centred on the establishment of secondary marketing business entities, members of which are being trained and mentored to manage these businesses independently. Each secondary marketing business will market and sell product made by crafters in their specific geographical areas.   The basis for the development of the new approach was the common misconception that producers (whether craft or food) are equally adept at marketing, financial management and administration. While we acknowledge that some producers may have the skills to both produce, market and administer, the majority do not.

The Siyazisiza Trust is currently active in rural KwaZulu-Natal and Mpumalanga where the Trust directly assists approximately 1300 previously disadvantaged South African craft and food producers.

The Trust supports and assists marginalized and vulnerable rural communities which are characterized by lack of resources, poor access to quality education and insufficient or lack of infrastructure including small scale, subsistence and emerging farmers and crafters. All are historically disadvantaged individuals and the majority are women.