Gill Worby

Gill joined the Trust in 1993 when Mary Rose, the founder of the organisation, was Executive Director.  The Siyazisiza Trust was relatively new having started in 1987 and operated in impoverished rural areas of northern KwaZulu-Natal with poor infrastructure – where, if roads existed they were untarred, there was no electricity or access to piped water and no access to formal markets.

Although involved in many areas of management, Gill has concentrated primarily on finance and in 2014 became Finance Director.  In 2019 Gill became CoCEO: Operations with the financial management of the Trust her chief responsibility.

Gill is also a member of the Board of Trustees which has the value of ensuring everyone has a common goal.  She is very excited about the direction in which the Trust plans to expand farming operations in the future. Her in-depth understanding of the organisation’s foundation gives her a unique perspective and voice in growing Siyazisiza’s reach.

Over the years Gill has been a witness to the successes of the organisation but it is the visits to the field which have kept her inspired.  She is overawed by how hard the farmers (mainly women) work, how grateful they are for the improvements provided and the generosity with which they are always received.