Remote Support and Awareness

Working with farmer networks for support and information dissemination

It is important for Siyazisiza to maintain crop production mentorship for smallholder farmers. In the context of the Covid-19 pandemic, this has meant we provide remote-based and low-contact agricultural support to farmers. Coordinated efforts and strategies also consider maximizing on field entry, such that more that one activity is performed in the field. 

The development and dissemination of information is dependent on farmer networks and iterative information sharing on safety, health and nutrition, particularly in the promotion of enhancing food security.

Monitoring of situational impacts on community health, production, crop health, and support networks.

This will involve the coordination and building of networks, resources and systems to develop an integrated communication strategy and effective communication platform

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Food in the Ground is a programme of the Siyazisiza Trust, in response to the Covid-19 pandemic, designed to better prepare marginal rural communities for current and future impacts and for post-crisis recovery. A core component of the initiative is renewing focus on food security amongst community farmers; and the continued generation of income and access to supply chains by smallholder farmers.