Supply Chain Systems

undisrupted Livelihoods

By upgrading protocols and standards for food handling, packing and distribution, we seek to maintain the smallholder farmer’s supply chain to market, while adhering to Covid-19 lockdown regulations. In this time, we also seek to enhance and increase current community-farmer supply into Boxer Superstore chain and opening up or improving supply into other potential markets (both formal and informal).

By following Siyazisiza’s crop production plan at the start of the season, Emannuel Forever Agri-Enterprise was one of the projects ready to deliver their produce to market when the Covid-19 lockdown was implemented. The team managed to package a total of 541 (7kg) bags of butternut, gaining an income of over R13 000,00!

Further remote mentoring and low-contact oversight will ensure that projects like Emannuel Forever garden do not lose out on their income streams in the face of the economic knock-on effects brought on by Covid-19.

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Food in the Ground is a programme of the Siyazisiza Trust, in response to the Covid-19 pandemic, designed to better prepare marginal rural communities for current and future impacts and for post-crisis recovery. A core component of the initiative is renewing focus on food security amongst community farmers; and the continued generation of income and access to supply chains by smallholder farmers.