Nicole Copley

Nicole Copley is a qualified attorney with a Masters in Tax Exemption Law. She practised as an attorney in the corporate environment before working in the Non-profit sector and establishing a legal consultancy (NgoLAW) in 1996 that works exclusively with NGOs in South Africa and internationally. NgoLAW provides comprehensive and practical services to build and support NGOs so that they can be credible, sustainable and influential.

NgoLAW provides NGOs, in South Africa and internationally, advice on what structures they should use, how to set them up, how to restructure them if necessary, amending documents to comply with a change in legislation and the requirements that follow, obtaining income tax exemptions (“PBO”/ Public Benefit Organisation status), 18A status, and NPO (Non-Profit Organisation) registration. In addition to this, Nicole sets up Non-Profit Companies, trusts and associations, and deals with all of the legal administration in running them.

Nicole worked as a lawyer for Siyazisiza for about 25 years, before joining the team of trustees in 2019. Her excitement for the fresh direction that Siyazisiza is taking inspired her to volunteer as a trustee. She has faith in Siyazisiza’s bold moves as the organisation is building on very secure foundations, has a deep rural footprint and excellent reputation. Most importantly, Nicole appreciates that Siyazisiza is focussed on making a real, empowering impact on the lives of the rural poor and is not afraid to assess and evaluate current and past projects and to adapt, change and try bold new approaches.