Sinegugu Zukulu

Sinegugu describes himself as a champion of rural development, having worked all his life to promote development that directly benefits rural people. He works in community development in the Wild Coast, focusing on ecotourism development, agriculture and youth empowerment.

It is Sinegugu’s work and life purpose to advocate for rural people living on communal land getting assistance to secure land tenure that supports their way of life without being pressured by imposed development. This is evidenced by his fight for the protection of the Xolobeni dunes on the Wild Coast against an Australian giant titanium mining company and his vigorous opposition to the proposed N2 toll road.  He was also instrumental in linking GET with the Somkhele communities affected by mining and is a champion for the rights of rural communities affected by mining. 

Sinegugu has been a trustee for Siyazisiza since 2017. As an activist for rural development, he is impressed by the work Siyazisiza is doing to support livelihoods in rural areas. In particular, Sinegugu is impressed with the organisation’s market-led approach which serves to empower rural agri-enterprises.